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So, putting this out here now, since i'm off for a bit to study. But November 11th I have my last exam, and then i'm free. No school, no tests, nothing. just 2 months of freedom. Unless mum which case this journal will be taken down >.> cause if she interferes, all my free time can go bye bye =.=

ANYWAY commissions will vary greatly. I will be offering up sketches, line arts, flat colors, and shaded works. I would REALLY like to avoid backgrounds, I suck at drawing them, unless you really want one, in which case i'll negotiate with you. 

Now, they don't have a set price, reason being is due to difficulty, and time. If i have little time, they'll be cheaper, if i have more time, they'll be a bit more expensive as i'll be able to put in a lot more effort, than if i only had a short amount of time. Detail's, and number of characters also influences the price. 

Though, I garentee, it will be between 25 and 100 points. I will not ever exceed 100, unless you want like 6 highly detailed characters in one picture with an epic background. In which case dude, your looking at like 400 points cause that's gonna be so time consuming....

Anyway, i'm allowing for people to place orders down now.  However I won't reply for about a week or so, maybe 2. Which means, that you need to be absolutely certain when you comment that you do want one. 

Now, I do have a goal here. I won't say what the goal is though, since I know a few individuals will be seeing this, and I dun wanna give the plan away to them =w= 

Anyway yeah just to recap:

What i'm offering:
- Sketches 
- Lineart
- Flat colour
- Shaded
- Preferences: 1-2 characters only, MlP or Sonic. No backgrounds. - This can be negotiated though

Price: 25-100 points unless your order is really time consuming. 

Thank you for reading guys~ Seeya in November!~ 
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Alright title pretty much says it all. 

over er the next few days I'm going to be clearing out my entire comment section, replying to EVERYTHING and getting as much owed art done as possible. After 3 days I'll stop and basically not be online for pretty much the next three months. 

The reasons? 

Im stressed out as all hell. I have trial exams in 2 weeks, a shit tonne of practice essays to do, my year twelve exams are in October/November. I cannot be here at all during this time. Ive been barely passing all year, and I'm not ready to throw the towel in and give up on these god damn exams. So I'm going to be studying my ass off.

now why do I want to reply to everything and get as much done as possible in three days? Because on top of the stress, I feel absolutely horrible for going silent on you guys the past few weeks. I've barely replied to anyone, ignored people, and avoided a few things, and I hate doing that. 

Thats why im clearing everything out now. And getting shit done for once.

Anything not done after 3 days....will be postponed until November 22nd. 1 week after exams are over. Or 2, I dunno I just like the number 22 so that's why it's the 22nd of November. 

I'm so sorry guys. But I can't fuck this up like I've fucked up the rest of my year. 
  • Listening to: Voltaire and vocaloid music~
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Nothing
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  • Drinking: Iced coffee


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When I get more time, I will edit this because i have so much to say about you two.

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So currently i'm aiming for a BIG amount of points, as in the future I plan to get some commissions for my friends since as it stands I am unable to hand make anything for them. Any left over points will go to future contests, friends I feel deserve them, and just random things. My biggest aim is gifts for my friends though~


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ghost shading
Bird Cat Hybrid No Lines Just Shadows by Nightshade-warroir
In the shadows by Nightshade-warroir
Bird Cat Hybrid Lineless by Nightshade-warroir
Bird Cat Hybrid No Lines Just Shadows 2 by Nightshade-warroir
background included, simple backgrounds only. the style is as the title states, a ghost styled picture. 

the shading will be all black unless you want coloured shading ^^

the other style is a transparent version of the character with colour.  

comes in three styles. no character just shading, transparent character, and normal.


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